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'The Left's Perversion'



The Left makes everything political; divide as much as possible. But In-and-Out burgers? Much of the article ("In-N-Out in the Planning," Oct. 13) dealt with the Christian owners and their donations to like minded people/organizations. Yeah. OK. So? I guess some in NCJ's readership needs to know a business owner's religion and how he or she donates before a purchase but their every day must be hell. Religion, particularity Christianity, is dangerous to the Left. It tempts people with a higher authority. The Left, who mistakenly assume everyone agrees with them, favor the socialist, big brother, government-controls-everything, group think approach.

Differences of opinion are healthy and vital in a free country so what's behind the Left's egotistical, "I'm right; you're wrong ... Everyone agrees with me" fantasy? These are the people of tolerance? When I hear of Humboldt State University students of color being scared/threatened by our area, I often wonder by who/what? Are kids getting beaten up? Are police reports being made? Or are their fears taught to them by politically motivated, identity driven activists through our higher education system? The Left's holy grail, diversity, is limited to a person's skin color or sex and its activists teach people they're victims of our horrible, racist, illegitimate, biased country. The Left's perversion of diversity and our country isolates and divides; it doesn't unite as it should.

Is describing the owners as a 'conservative Christian family' and who they donated to necessary in an article about a new business in town? Why is religion/donations discussed instead of the definition of "animal style?" Or is this another example of the Left's "tolerance and diversity" by politicizing a Christian owned business/corporation? 

In a recent Politico poll, respondents stated that the media, by 64 percent, was most to blame for the division within our country. That's not good news for fair, unbiased, objective media like the NCJ.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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