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The Mouse Who Missed Christmas



(Just to prove I'm not a complete Humbug; best read aloud to a young one)

Mr. Whiskers tentatively
Poked out his snout
Round the sofa leg
Whiskers quivering

Before, there'd been a thumping and
Much clumping from up above
He'd been asleep, not stirring
When suddenly disturbed

A whoosh of soot
A loud landing
"Achoo!" Achoo!"
Sneezeled Mr. Whiskers

He heard some rumbling
All around the room and
A low, low chuckling
He had to see it

Bravely, he stuck out even
More than just his snout
Flashes of red, flashes of white
What an amazing sight!

A chair creaked, then
Some sipping and chomping
And then, AND THEN!
Five big cookie crumbles fell!

Whiskers waving wildly
He scurried to the feast; then
Sated, satisfied and sleepy
He slept away an entire day

James Floss

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