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The Night I Saw the Mountain Lion


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The night I saw the mountain lion
I saw her eyeshine first
And then her head
And then her frame
Then something that was worse

Her stance was over-rigid
She was wound and set to spring
Her eyes were locked upon me
And I was everything

My light shone bright upon her
I knew to make a stand
But when she took three rapid steps
My mind and body ran

I knew the terrain well
'Twas my backyard, after all
I gained the bush and then the fence
And prayed I wouldn't fall

I clamored to my wife and son
I burst into the house
I gushed about how cool it was
Though I acted like a mouse

I'm ashamed of my behavior
I wasn't at my best
But if living's how we're measured
I think I passed the test

J. Commander (Bub's Dad)

Near-Contact with Mountain Lion on 26 September 2022 in Trinidad, CA


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