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The Party of Greed



President Trump and the GOP have touted the recently passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act as a big boost for the middle class (Mailbox, Dec. 21). Well, while U.S. taxpayers will see an average tax savings of $2,000, a true middle class taxpayer might see a savings in the $1,000-range, with lower income earners seeing far less.

On the other hand, people making millions will fare far better saving many thousands or even more. It is estimated that the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner should save at least $5 million annually, with Trump himself saving double that. And as if these annual savings weren't enough, another change has doubled the estate tax exclusion, which means that Trump and four of his cabinet members are also in line to save an additional $4.5 million each in estate taxes when they leave this earth.

Certainly these savings dwarf those predicted for the middle class. Given how much this act bestows on the wealthy taxpayer who really doesn't need it, I would say the GOP has now earned itself a new name, the POG or Party of Greed.

Sherman Schapiro, Blue Lake

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