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'The Void'



After reading Mark Larson's piece in the Jan. 12 issue ("KHSU MIA After Quake"), I was also struck by the void which has been left by KHSU since April of 2019. For decades I was a KHSU supporter and listened to much of the diverse programming. At times it felt like KHSU was the most important community outreach effort made by the university since it amplified local voices and issues. Further, in times of crisis, KHSU volunteers from around the county provided much needed information concerning local communities.

I realize the former KHSU operations must have appeared something like anarchy to the top management of the university. While I do not know the specific issues which precipitated the closure decision, I suspect that a vital community service function must contain some flexibility in its operation and involvement of volunteers. Is there no way to reconnect KHSU to the local communities? Is this not what the mission of KHSU is supposed to be?

John Filce, Eureka

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