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They Like Mike



Few are prepared to confront Humboldt's looming challenges. Mike Wilson is up to the job as 3rd District Supervisor.

Working with Mike on the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission, I observe his accomplishments as we address diverse economic development from business loans to improved air services.

He is a hands-on Humboldt harbor commissioner, cleaning up a huge toxic mess and seeking funds for infrastructure. This is not glamorous work, but someone had to do it.

He leads, seeks funding (over $8 million) and works to improve a harbor for new jobs. Each project leads to increased aquaculture, boat repair and shipping local products.

As a former 3rd District Supervisor, I know what the job requires. He has deep experience and is a great team player. He makes it all come together with a plan for the future.

This is one place where your vote really counts.

Julie Fulkerson, Trinidad


I know Mike Wilson as an environmental engineer, Harbor District commissioner for the last 10 years, community member and as a father of two. I also know Mike as an exceptionally strong trail advocate.

Most everyone is for trails in the 3rd District and beyond, however Mike Wilson is pushing trails forward more than any other elected official or candidate for public office in Humboldt County. Mike has long understood what quality-of-life is in Humboldt County, how trail infrastructure fits into that, and the economic engine that a trail system is, both in and between communities.

For over 20 years I've watched a number of accomplished trail advocates and professionals help move the Bay Trail concept forward in our community. It takes patience, perseverance, dedication and knowledge to help leverage opportunities and overcome constraints. I believe Mike Wilson is the best fit as supervisor, and certainly to help further completion and continued expansion of our trail infrastructure and the quality-of-life, safety and economic benefits that said infrastructure can and will bring to the greater Humboldt community. Mike Wilson for supervisor.

Chris Turner, Bayside

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