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Third Friday McKinleyville Arts Night

Friday, April 17, 6-8 p.m.



The Front Gallery and Gifts 1181 Central Ave. Edson Gutierrez, graffiti art on canvas.

Mirador Glass Miller Business Park Bryan Raskin, Tantric People Sculptures demo; Melissa Hurst, Be Love clothing artist.

Eternal Source Glass Art Studio in the Community Art Workshop Miller Business Park. Karmaja and The Widow Makers, tribal bellydance performances with special guests.

Blake’s Books Central Ave. East. Ingrid Brink, paintings.

Camel Rock Café Central Ave. East. Kevin Cunliffe, landscape and nature photographs.

6.  Ramone’s McKinleyville Shopping Center. Carol Olivier, rhododendron photographs.

Northcoast Gallery McKinleyville Shopping Center. Michael Harris, The Fire Show, photographs.

Stork’s Nest McKinleyville Shopping Center. Stefan Elliot, oil paintings.

Plaza Design McKinleyville Shopping Center. Carlos Mansillu, paintings from Guatemala; music by Arte Brown on acoustic guitar.

Murray Road Community Church 1490 Murray Rd. Lynore French, Nebula and Star collection; Heather Bruce, WalkingAngelz.

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