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Time Rebel



This morning I woke up, looked out my window at how light it was and thought, "Ok, it's about 6, time to get up." But my clock said 7. "Oops, wrong again. I'm late!"

Then I remembered what I had done to my clock a few days ago — set it ahead an hour to conform with Daylight Saving Time — and therefore lost an hour.

Wow, in the mornings DST is a lie! By setting my clock forward I had set myself back, making me an hour late. There was no daylight saved between 6 and 7, there was daylight lost.

After dinner last night I thought I would have plenty of time to write a letter. But I looked at the clock. "What! 8 o'clock already? Where did the time go? Now I'll have to get to bed late." And sure enough, by the time I wrote the letter, wrote another letter and did my evening chores, the clock said it was 11. "Oops, late again", I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

Only this morning did I realize that it wasn't I who had been slow the night before, it was the clock that had been fast. In the evening, DST is a lie too! There was nothing saved, just an hour lost.

I know that I could eventually adjust my internal clock so that the sun would rise and set an hour later than it really does. But this year I resolve not to change my time to fit in with bureaucratic time, but to be a time rebel!  The clocks in my house will remain tuned to reality, and every time I look at the clock on my computer I will be reminded that society has agreed that it's later than we think.

Robert Brothers, Willow Creek

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