Titlow Hill Blues 

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From Berry Summit on Highway 299, you catch a glimpse into the Redwood Creek and Titlow Hill region. Photo by Heidi Walters
Jeff St. John says someone put a locked gate across a community-access road that leads to his water catchment on someone else’s property. Ken Bareilles alleges that St. John built the concrete dam on his property without a permit. Photo by Heidi Walters
The St. Johns say their neighborhood is filling up with junky encampments and non-permitted structures and roads. Photo by Heidi Walters
The entrance to Marisa and Jeff St. Johns’ property in the Titlow Hill/Redwood Creek region. Photo by Heidi Walters
The St. Johns’ fledgling vineyard. Photo by Heidi Walters
Ken Bareilles doesn’t deny he divided and sold some parcels illegally. But he said he plans to bring them into compliance now. Photo by Heidi Walters
Claude Young, a permit specialist with Humboldt County, says the county should have tackled illegal subdivisions decades ago. Photo by Heidi Walters
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