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Like others in this county, I've spent time reading long blocks of text in the interest of my education/edification. But I'm pleading guilty right here to feeling somewhat daunted by the 5,000 or so words of your March 13 GPU article, printed in what, nine point type?

Duuuudes! And dudettes, average reading speed is 250 words per minute — unless you haven't had coffee yet — so you're asking for a commitment of 20 minutes, post coffee. What are you? My professor? Really. Succinct-ness? Pith-itude?

Anyway, I'm willing to meet you at, say, 3M–4M words, for a good writer on a good day. As a consumer of your um, no-charge, on-the-house, complimentary, free, that is gratis, product, I don't think that's too much to ask. Does this come with refills? 129 words. 131. 132. Dang, so hard to stop. 139. I can go to 300? 145. Why? What happens to my 301st word, ed?

Walter James Kelly, Arcata

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