Thank you so much for your revealing report on health care reform (HCR) in the April 1 edition ("From the Publisher"). Applying the results to your small business is right on track; I believe that it is small, family businesses that our government should be mostly supporting, in this and all instances. We have seen what happens when a corporate business is too large to fail. 

Additionally, the way you extended the HCR results into the future is an eye-opener. This legislation appears to be more helpful than the media at large let us know about, and explains my general joy that something good has indeed taken place in our country, for the good of all. 

Even so, I will never stop pushing health care reform until it is non-profit. Profiting off of the illness of others is about as sick as it gets, and having that profit be a major contribution to our stock market economy is not truly in anyone's best interest. 

Paula Yoon, Bayside

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