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Too Confused to Vote?




The cartoon (by Joel Mielke, Aug. 30) depicting the three people who failed to secure valid signatures for the Arcata City Council ballot pokes fun at the filers, but begs the question: who signed their petitions and what does this say about the random citizen's awareness of their voter registration status?

I am guessing the majority of the folks who signed on in support of the candidates thought they were qualified to sign, yet for a variety of reasons, this was not the case. Does this mean that come Election Day there will unpleasant surprises for people who will discover their registration is invalid and thus they will be unable to vote?

Maybe a follow up story explaining requirements for citizens to actually cast a ballot on Election Day would be a public service. The fact that three petitions failed to pass muster indicates citizens might need to evaluate their voter eligibility before Nov. 6.

Sheila Evans, Eureka

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