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Too Small to Win




Kudos for an excellent article written by Ryan Burns ("The Debt Divide," Jan. 12). It is not a "Get Arkley" piece but rather an accurate analysis of the replacement of the human and moral values that have served this country so well with greed and avarice.
The American dream of owning one's home has turned into a nightmare for millions who found themselves "homeless" and our middle class is being eroded at an alarming rate. While I understand many naive homeowners got in over their heads, it is also true that many lenders were falling over themselves to make these unsustainable  loans. Rather than work with homeowners to realign their loans many lenders, as the article points out, have made the decision that foreclosing and displacing families is in their best financial interest.
Bank of America has obviously determined that Security National's demise would negatively affect their bottom line and is "too big to fail," although companies like this made the same inherent mistakes as the millions who lost their homes (over extension of financial resources, etc.). Likewise, many lenders have also determined that people like those noted in the article are "too small to succeed," and barely give them a wink or nod when they want to renegotiate their loans. There is something wrong here and we should all be concerned about the future of our country if this is the "new norm."
Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest minds that America has ever produced, noted in 1723 that the measure of a healthy society is not the amount of "silver and gold" in the pockets of a few but of the stability of its workforce. It seems we have learned little in almost three centuries.

Lloyd Throne, Eureka


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