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'Totally Incompatible'



Ocean West residents recently learned that Dollar General plans to build a convenience store on Murray Road and McKinleyville Avenue, across from McKinleyville High School ("So Many Questions," April 26). Because the land is zoned Neighborhood Commercial, we were told by County Supervisor Ryan Sundberg that there is nothing the county can do to change the zoning or stop the blight to our neighborhood.

This kind of business is totally incompatible with the neighborhood, selling alcohol at cost and providing a source of junk food for our high school youth. It is not the kind of business we want abutting our park, causing increased traffic and the probability of litter and increased crime. We are desperate for an answer to resolve this. With no possibility of rezoning with current ownership (Ocean West Holdings LLC Co.), is there a local company willing to purchase the land and request rezoning or other recourse? We must let Dollar General know this is not the right place for its store.

Jean Browning, McKinleyville

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