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'Traditional Family Values'



I am so sick of this town trying to be turned into Arcata or San Francisco. We are a Christian-based farming town, with traditional family values. That is what attracts people here. We are not a place to turn into a freak show by those that think this ridiculous woke movement is OK and acceptable. There is a reason there are so many churches in a 1-square mile town.

How about giving some support to the one person in town who has the guts to stand up for moral behavior and not just turn the other cheek when immoral behavior is trying to take over. I know the majority in this town is in agreement with Pastor Bramwell but are too scared to speak up, for fear of retaliation from the other side ("LGBTQ+ Event at Old Steeple Canceled over Safety Concerns," Jan. 12). Well, guess what? Despite all the threats and bad words thrown at him, Pastor Bramwell is still standing on God's word and values. He is standing up for you Ferndale, and your moral family values. Why not try standing with him. If you don't, we will end up exactly like the town we so desperately don't want to be.

Christina Chapman, Ferndale

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