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True Ward or Bust



This November, Eureka voters can establish a True Ward representative democracy in city council elections. Measure P means that only you and your neighbors will choose who represents you on the council. With the present all-at-large system, your economic, ethnic and cultural interests can be overruled by voters elsewhere. This has happened before.

With True Ward, people of any economic means can run for council because candidates only need to print a flier and go door-to-door in their now walkable districts. No need for expensive citywide mailers, ads and yard sign distribution that make candidates dependent on big-money donors seeking to buy influence in city government.

Throughout California, cities retaining the outmoded all-at-large system have been successfully sued for discriminating against minorities and have poured taxpayer money into defending their undemocratic systems. With Eureka's growing minority populations concentrated in certain, often lower-income neighborhoods, such a suit is inevitable unless we adopt True Ward.

Give yourself a true voice in government. Yes on Measure P.

Pam Service, Eureka

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