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'Truly Unconscionable'



With the denial of surgery to Oliver Knight by St. Joseph Hospital, we have yet another demonstration of how this hospital does not serve the needs of its community (NCJ Daily, March 28).

What Mr. Knight underwent there is truly unconscionable — humiliation, then denial of the scheduled surgery and, finally, being given the drug benzodiazepine and told to get out. This is our community hospital, folks! No milk of human kindness to be found there, for sure.

It is to be noted that the surgery required by Mr. Knight is by no means the only kind of surgery that the hospital will not allow to be done at its premises. Two procedures that are much more common than that requested by Mr. Knight are tubal ligation for women, and the parallel procedure for men, the vasectomy. Why? Because all these procedures are forbidden by the Catholic Church.

The Church and its adherents are free to believe what they will. But the large majority of their patients, being non-Catholic, must also conform to the dictates of this belief system.

What's wrong with this picture?

Kathryn Corbett, Eureka

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