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Trump Needs a Mirror



Donald Trump loves to jump all over others for their actions but sometimes he needs to look in the mirror (Mailbox, March 7). For example, candidate Trump condemned President Obama for wasting taxpayers' money when he went golfing but, as president, Trump himself has golfed even more frequently.

President Trump recently tweeted he's "not thrilled" with Gov. Newsom's executive order to suspend the death penalty in California. He wrote that such a decision overrode the will of the people. But now he has vetoed Congressional action that would have blocked his border emergency declaration. His action overrides both the will of Congress and also the will of the people, over 60 percent of whom in surveys this year opposed Trump using an emergency declaration to obtain funding to pay for the Mexican border wall.

Trump has even jumped into something as trivial as commenting on Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's speaking style. He stated he's never seen such hand movement and even suggested O'Rourke might be crazy. I think that if hand gesturing were a criterion for being crazy, he need only watch one of his own speeches to decide what many already suspect for other reasons: He, too, could be crazy.

Sherman Schapiro, Blue Lake

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