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Trust Not in MRC




Let’s hear it for all of the hundreds of unsung heroes and heroines that were crucial to the successes of Nanning Creek and Fern Gully over the past three to six years(“What Now Treesitter?”, Aug. 8). Most importantly, let’s remember the legacy of Humboldt’s Forest Defenders over the past two decades, and pay our respects to those who have given their lives for our trees, such as Jungle and Gypsy. (Jungle was first to find Spooner and is still missing.)

Everyone knew the Nanning and Fern Gully THPs would eventually time out and expire. That was the minor goal. The major goal was to permanently protect these areas, aside of course from token verbal promises from a car salesman representing a greenwashed corporation. (MRC is still clearcutting on steep slopes and using herbicides.) How is that a victory? And what kind of compromise is that for an EarthFirster?

MRC came to Humboldt to make money. When the importance of profit shifts from their current focus on public relations, they will change their greenwashed tune. HRC and MRC are not what they appear to be. Profits are their focus, not trees.

Don’t get me wrong, the glass is half full and we should all be proud of this victory, especially those who actually do the work for trees and shun the limelight of “treesitter fame.” Both Nanning Creek and Fern Gully can be logged by HRC, it is in the bylaws. It states that financial difficulties can alter the GAP-owned company’s harvest prescriptions.

See you in five to seven years for the Timber Harvest Plan renewal/ reunion.

— Jeff Muskrat, Arcata

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