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Words of Jose Antonio Rodriguez, sailor, who abandoned
his ship, his Captain Don Bruno Hezeta, and his King, Charles III of Spain, on June 14th 1775 at Tsurai, now known as Trinidad,
on the Pacific Coast of North America

I sit upon this lofty rock, and mark
My frigate, Santiago, set to sea.
From far away, I hear a meadow lark,
It fires my heart. Now, speak, lips! I am free!

For, hear a mystery: On Corpus Christi
In those great Trees, a vast Cathedral rose
Le Seu, of my Mallorcan childhood: misty
And radiant, with columns in bright rows.

But, Mother, ah! This nave had thrice the height
The columns even redder, and light beams
Broke forth in praise, as vivid Angels might
And striped the forest floor in rainbow streams.

The Holy Spirit dwells in Tsurai: blessed
These friendly folk. In Peace here will I rest.

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