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Two Byrds, One Stoned




A few years ago you had a food columnist named Joseph Byrd who had such an elevated palette that he condemned all the top restaurants in Northern Humboldt, saying that none of them would make it if they were down in the Bay Area.

It is an amazing coincidence that you now have a different columnist by the same name that has recently lauded the culinary virtue of American Cheese, offered a recipe for a salad smothered in corporate conglomerate mayonnaise and submitted a two-part ode to Spam.

Had these two Byrds been one and the same, it would seem clear that he was having us on.

T Proctor, Samoa

Sweet Spot: For perhaps the first time in history, a correspondent has successfully pitched his own headline. That is reason enough to declare that T Proctor wins a Bon Boniere sundae for sending our favorite letter of the week.

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