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Tyson 'Stellar'




Regarding the recent article on the arrival of the new Eureka city manager, ("Eureka's New Boss," Jan. 17), former Councilman Larry Glass added a "pot-shot" at former Eureka City Manager David Tyson's departure. "It's a really big change," said Glass. "It's almost like Gaddafi leaving Libya."

Somebody must be pretty bummed out that their bumper stickers fell on deaf ears. In the long run comments like Mr. Glass' are pretty tired. Any time someone remembers David Tyson they will remember him for the great job he did and how he worked with a constantly diverse and changing group of men and women who filled the position of councilperson. Did he make every council member happy? Well, not Mr. Glass.

Those that "worked with" the former city manager, as opposed to "worked against" him should think hard on what their true "intent and purpose" of taking the council job was. As a former Eureka city councilman, I'm sorry to say that I was right a long time ago; Larry, and I will forever disagree on this one, and history will prove David Tyson did a stellar job despite the detractors.

Mike Jones, Eureka

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