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Continuation -- Alex Cline (Cryptogramophone)

Percussionist and composer Alex Cline, guitarist Nels' twin brother, performs with a dynamic quintet including pianist Myra Melford, to execute a challenging and dazzling sum, often unpredictable and wonderfully surprising.

The Sun Came Out -- 7 Worlds Collide (Sony)

This collaborative effort led by singer/songwriter Neil Finn includes members of Wilco and Radiohead, Johnny Marr and Lisa Germano delivering a cohesive string of impressive pop performances. 

Imidiwan: Companions -- Tinariwen (Independiente)

This nomadic Touareg group from Mali again delivers a unique blend of Saharan blues, poetry and traditional folk. Imidiwan is perhaps their strongest release yet, choosing to create a contemporary field recording, incorporating the organic sounds of the Northern African landscape into the songs.

Délivrance -- A Hawk and a Hacksaw (Leaf)

Percussionist/accordionist Jeremy Barnes and violinist Heather Trost continue their exploration of Balkan-influenced songs, flavored with a U.S. Southwestern musical seasoning. Here, the duo's identity becomes more solidified with the confident playing of Trost leading the way. 

Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle -- Bill Callahan (Drag City)

Callahan worked with Austin producer John Congleton to produce a perfect soundscape, emotionally countering the singer's deadpan delivery to capture a mournful tone on this dark and beautiful record.

Keep an Eye on the Sky -- Big Star retrospective box set (Ardent/Rhino)

All of My Friends Are Funeral Singers -- Califone (Dead Oceans)

Prince of Truth -- Evangelista (Constellation Records)

Guilty Office -- The Bats (Hidden Agenda)

Enter the 37th Chamber -- El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)

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