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On Jan. 12, Lisa Montgomery was executed on Trump's order. She had a life of unrelenting hell, of sexual and physical abuse from early childhood on. Her mother gave her to men to do what they pleased. She was forced to marry a half brother who forced her to have a hysterectomy. The only way she could survive her life was to shield herself with insanity. She strangled a pregnant woman and cut her baby out of her and took the baby. The baby was taken away and she was put in prison and was sentenced to die. She should have been put in a mental hospital. She had to be transferred to a men's prison to be killed. She could not tolerate being in a room with a man, she would go crazy and the prison had nothing but men.

A court ruled that she was incapable of understanding she was to be executed, but Trump pushed it to his U.S. Supreme Court and it ruled she was to die. Her death was as horrible as her life as she died surrounded by men. A long time ago I saw a bumper sticker that said something like, "We kill people so we will learn not to kill." I will never forget or forgive this execution and can only hope there will be an end to executions forever.

Sylvia De Rooy, Indianola

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