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'Unhinged' Kudos



The June 2 edition of the North Coast Journal is dynamite, from Mark McKenna's cover photo and others inside to Thadeus Greenson's very informative and very necessary editorial, "Why Brett Watson Needs to Resign," Jennifer Fumiko Cahill's well-worded column, "It Might Be Time to Get Totally Motherfucking Unhinged" and Linda Stansberry's "Bad Women Like Me."

Linda made her points throughout and concludes, "I am one of the lucky ones to know for certain that I live in a community I can be proud of, a place full of bad women like me."

Jennifer's column about gun violence needs and deserves the language she uses throughout.

National Public Radio recited a poem based on contributions from many listeners. It had a very heart-felt ending:

Who will make a home for the heavy hearts, for

The sacred ones who can't stop thinking about those 19 desks,

those 19 backpacks

those 19 summer vacations,

those 19 new pairs of sandals.

those 19 next school years and school years after that

and after that and after that.

Dave Rosso, Eureka


JFC's column "... Unhinged ..." pretty well describes her frustration with the litany of events crowding the headlines. She did concede that, "Maybe my tone is alienating ..." offered with the sincerity of a Brett Watson "apology."

All that said, it's hard to argue with JFC's angry diatribe, considering all the thoughts and prayers being sent that seem to be falling on the deaf ears of the divine. I may be tempted to express my exasperation in similar fashion, minus the F-bombs.

 John Dillon, Eureka


Please accept this email with all the praises I could possibly send for your article in the June 2, 2022, North Coast Journal.

I keep asking myself how and when did we come from being concerned humans into an inhuman and self-indulgent society with no respect for life.

Why have we become desensitized of the horrors over these past months and years with little emphasis on the creators and supporters who have allowed the repetition of events that plague us daily with horrifying headlines. 

I am approaching my 76th birthday in two months and I am watching us kill our planet as well as our society of common sense and kindness.

Charlene A Swenson, Eureka

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