Unspoken Dangers 

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photoillustration by Holly Harvey/North Coast Journal
Unspoken Dangers
An estimated 300,000 newborns each year – one out of every 14 – are exposed to levels of methylmercury that exceed the guidelines that the EPA set to avoid neurological effects in fetuses.
Some doctors advise pregnant women to let someone else pump the gas.
Volatile organic compounds released by some paints are among the environmental health risks that could harm a fetus.
Anchovies are a good pick for pregnant women, because they contain beneficial fish oils but have a lower risk of mercury contamination than bigger, longer-lived predator fish such as tuna.
Coal-burning power plants are a major source of airborne mercury emissions, and mercury is known to damage fetuses.
Simple cleaners like baking soda and vinegar won’t release the harmful chemicals that are in some cleaning products.
Nonstick pans can emit gases when they are heated up, so old-fashioned skillets can be a safer choice for pregnant women.
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photoillustration by Holly Harvey/North Coast Journal
Unspoken Dangers

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