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I am Daren's aunt. I had a strong, close lifelong relationship with my nephew and I loved him dearly ("'The Hollow Men,'" Sept. 7). For the 20 years he lived in Humboldt County I was his primary point of contact. Daren was a beautiful person with a ready laugh and a warm heart. He never failed to ask how others were doing and to offer a joke or a word of support. I was always amazed that his heart could remain so open and loving given his almost daily experiences of discrimination, oppression and disrespect.

Daren had pride and faith in his gifts. He identified as a poet. His rights were regularly violated and I am deeply satisfied that he has been vindicated. I just wish it was not at the cost of his life. I would like to send a hearty thank you to the Eureka Rescue Mission which was a safe haven for my nephew. They never turned him away.

Zo Devine, Arcata

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