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Vision Check



Growing up in a union middle class family, the working people and their families of our city voted strictly Democrat. The Republicans were the business owners, the elite and the rich. California's education system was once the envy of the country along with a middle class that was thriving. California was a trendsetter. Today California is one of only five states having a Democrat-controlled governorship and state houses. Despite being the sixth largest economy in the world, counting future liabilities California is broke. We rank 40th in education. The middle class can't afford the taxes/regulations and are leaving the state in droves while new arrivals hope for entitlements, jobs caring for the California coast elite, or government jobs. Today California is an example of how not to run a state.

While the DNC was ripping off Bernie, party 'leaders' such as Nancy Pelosi ('we have to pass the bill to see what's in it'), Chuck Schumer (holding a sign reading 'Make America Sick Again' — brilliant, all it needed was an arrow pointing to him), Donna Brazille (giving Hillary the questions for the first debate between Hillary and Bernie), and Maxine Waters have shown just how far the party has sunk.

The tired accusations of -isms and -ists, the same slogans, identity politics, the hypocrisy, the victimization of everybody and the same arrogant ignorance displayed by Congressman Huffman by not attending the inauguration is not inspirational. Democrats knowingly shunned working people and their values for a constituency consisting more and more of America haters, illegal immigrants, rioters (paid/unpaid), cop haters, anarchists, dividers, totally out of touch pseudo intellectuals, racists, idiot celebrities (people pay for performances not lectures) and the pathetic MSM. The result: Donald Trump.

So where is the vision/ideas? Where is the leadership? What happened to the Democratic party?

Sick of the SOS!

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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