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With the current situation at local nursing homes in Eureka becoming a polarization of issues all over this country ("The Case of the Missing $5 Million," Oct. 13), we need to focus our funds on what's important: the People.

Too much money is being spent on selling one's self, a reward for a vandalized sign of $1,000?! Why is it acceptable to offer a reward for childish pranks but not one for the majorly impacting closure of local skilled nursing facilities? I know what's more important to my candidates here in Eureka. While Austin Allison was out trying to bring attention to a huge crisis in our community, John Fullerton was putting out an APB for yard signs in which he may or may not involve the police.

To have the wherewithal to stand up for the old and less fortunate at 25 and not 63, speaks volumes. If Austin Allison is standing up for our senior citizens when he is far from retirement and John Fullerton is out getting local celebs to do radio advertisements for him, I can deduce whose priorities are in order.

Tiva Insolo, Eureka


The Times-Standard supports John Fullerton; this is not surprising, the T-S is a corporation. Austin Allison supports the people and they support him; Austin is supported by unions and teachers, entrepreneurs and nurses, the "middle class." He supports a union that helped bring living wages to employees at St Joseph and he is not afraid to tackle large moneyed interests! He has the creativity to help Eureka lift its people off the bottom.

Austin Allison is a progressive that will break out of the old boy network and join Bernie as he gets the down ballot Democratic votes to be chair of the Budget Committee! Forward, Progressives!

Pat Kanzler, Eur

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