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Vote Bergel!



I support Kim Bergel for Eureka City Council Ward 5 because she truly listens to everyone in the community. Kim works to solve problems in Eureka by bringing people together rather than dividing us.

A good example was the vacation of Palco marsh. Kim worked diligently to open communication between the homeless population at the marsh and the programs that came there to try and find housing for them. Her willingness to work to foster communication helped to make the process less difficult for both the homeless population and the people of Eureka.

It's fashionable in politics today to demonize people who don't think like you, but how does that stance improve our community? Listening and hearing people of differing opinions results in often unique and valuable solutions to the issues that face our city.

Don't forget to vote on Nov. 6. Your voice is important.

Linda Atkins, Eureka

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