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Vote Castellano!



The city council promotes Eureka's recognition as a premier arts destination. It's time to acknowledge how important the arts are to the our cultural, social and economic fabric — with a working artist sitting on the council.

Ask anyone making a living from their own art: It might look like all fun and inspiration but it's more often about dedication, serious work and balancing a shoestring budget. Leslie Castellano has worn every hat possible in Eureka's art scene these past two decades — performing, teaching, opening and maintaining Synapsis art space, working with Eureka's teens and special needs artists, hosting plays, dance, visual exhibits, lectures and physical art — while managing grants, public relations, leases, budgets and bureaucratic minutia.

Years ago Eureka missed the opportunity to elect Ink People founder Libby Maynard to the city council. Don't miss the opportunity now. Vote for Leslie Castellano's optimism, dedication and creativity.

Alan Sanborn, Arcata

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