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In last week's Mailbox, I wrote a positive letter talking about my qualifications and my hundreds of supporters.

My opponent had two more negative letters from his supporters, attacking me and my supporters. Why is that? Do Austin Allison's supporters know he can't compete with me so they have no choice but to tear me down?

To the young lady who attacked me for not speaking up on the care home issue: This issue has nothing to do with the Eureka City Council and is totally out of the city's hands. It is a very complicated and tragic issue about which neither Austin nor I (nor even the letter writer) has all the facts. It is political pandering at its worst and cheapest to speak out when you are uninformed. Our senior citizens deserve better.

They will get that better representation with me on the Eureka City Council.

John Fullerton, Eureka


John Fullerton is a fair minded person with a community spirit that will protect our quality of life. John has supported our local commercial fishing community over corporate interests. He has championed the need for appropriate land use on Woodley Island, the last bastion of protection for our commercial fishing fleet, where I've docked my commercial fishing boat for the last 30 years.

John is one of those people who do the work and is always there for his community. He works tirelessly for our community without any hidden agenda. He has the desire to serve our community and will be an asset to the Eureka City Council. I suggest we take him up on his offer to serve.

Vote for John Fullerton on Nov. 8.

Zach Rotwein, Trinidad

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