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Vote Killoran!



I have worked within the Humboldt County legal community for the past 15 years. During that time, I've served twice as president of the Humboldt County Legal Professionals Association (HCLPA). I've observed Lawrence Killoran in the courtroom. I've talked with and met with his staff many times over the years. In 15 years of meeting with Humboldt County lawyers, paralegals and court staff through my association with HCLPA, I've heard nothing but good things about Lawrence Killoran.

As one of the "little guys" in my capacity of legal assistant, I've seen a lot of lawyers up on their high horses. Lawrence Killoran is not one of those people. His integrity and respect shine through. I trust him to apply the law fairly without bias. With our diverse community and the social and economic problems we have in Humboldt County, we especially need judges like Lawrence Killoran on the bench.

Liane John, Eureka


I want voters to know that Larry Killoran will further the interests of justice, a civil society and compassion in the Humboldt County Superior Court.

I have known Larry Killoran for more than 15 years. As an elementary school principal, I saw first-hand what kind of person this dedicated father is. Despite his busy workload, he was an active, supportive parent who attended conferences, delivered forgotten lunches, attended school events and went on camping trips. Larry is a clear thinker, a good communicator and a compassionate, deliberate decision maker.

His personal, professional, and intellectual capabilities will well serve our Humboldt County judicial system. 

John Schmidt, Arcata


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