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Vote Lyons!



I just wanted to voice my support for Mary Ann Lyons for Humboldt County Fourth District supervisor. She is passionate, educated and caring. She has helped me in times of need and has been generous even when it has not been asked of her. Mary Ann is enthusiastic and energetic. I know she can use these attributes to make positive change in our district. I trust Mary Ann Lyons and I hope she gets the opportunity to continue contributing to our unique community as an elected public servant. Thanks for your time. 

Heather Maddox, Eureka


Virginia Bass won elections promising us jobs and a general plan for developers. She managed the plan change but failed in creating jobs.

The county faces a bleak future; we need new blood. Our youth leave to find good employment. The notion that cannabis and retirees can somehow revive the economy is pie in the sky thinking. Our medical services are crumbling. The crime rate keeps growing despite Measure Z passed to fix it. Developers want to create homes that residents cannot afford, homelessness grows. We need fresh thinking.

The agent for change is Mary Ann Lyons. Her depth of experience is a mixture of practical and theoretical. She has been a union member, leader and a teacher. She understands that Humboldt has the talent and skills to create a new type of economy friendlier to working people. She is the spirit of the future; what we need to grow.

Timothy J. McDermond, Arcata


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