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Vote Madrone!



It concerns me that for eight years, our county Board of Supervisors has often operated with a 4-to-1 voting block that represents a limited set of values and opinions, and tends not to engage the wide range of scientific and academic knowledge abundant here. Or when scientists and experts are engaged, the weight of their evidence is not reflected in the final votes.

I would appreciate a Fifth District supervisor who truly wants to listen to and weigh all perspectives before making decisions for our district and county. My vote always goes to candidates who solicit expert advice and give serious consideration to opinions from outside a like-minded circle of associates. This June, in the Fifth District, that candidate is Steve Madrone. Look at his record, hear him at the debates. Then see if you wouldn't agree with me. It's time to vote for a change.

Catherine B Hanafi, McKinleyville


I want a supervisor who knows what it's like for people from all walks of life. Personally, I'm impressed with Steve Madrone. I think Madrone has had the kind of life and done the kind of work that will lead to implementing plans that will help our community and help our children grow up safe and be better people.

I like what Steve Madrone says about young people needing more healthy activities and job training to prevent crime in our community. I have a child and worry about the trouble kids can get into these days, especially as many parents aren't able to spend as much time with them. Teachers can't deal with all these problems in the classrooms — we need more afterschool activities that can help children with social and emotional development and to grow into productive members of society.

It really is time for a change!

Jennifer Green, McKinleyville


Steve Madrone is visionary. He sees growing job opportunities for industries of the future, like technology, tourism and restoration, and he sees new possibilities for industries of the past, like fishing, farming and timber. He recently described how timber could use carbon credits to incentivize longer harvest cycles, making a higher-value product while protecting the forest environment.

Timber and marijuana have shown our vulnerability to the "rape and run" tactics of outside opportunists. From Maxxam to Russian cartels, short-term extraction of natural resources has left us a degraded environment and a mess to clean up. Steve Madrone is committed to having clear, consistent land use requirements to keep the playing field level for both small and large players, and to keep the fate of our county's health in the hands of the people who live here. He is the strong advocate we need. Check him out at www.votemadrone.com

Sam King, McKinleyville


I feel it is important to urge those in the Fifth District to consider voting for Madrone. His work teaching forestry and watershed management at Humboldt State University and his work as executive director of the Mattole Salmon Group show his commitment to a healthy ecosystem.

Also, he has helped to create jobs by attaining $20 million in grant funds for our county.

He refuses to take large campaign contributions from the cannabis industry. However, he does see the need to do more to create a system that will make it easier for the small farmer to come into compliance.

Dianne Rowland, Trinidad


Humboldt County is familiar with politicians who help their friends. Well-connected cannabis investors reap the lion's share of profits, while the economic base of the county — small, environmentally-minded Mom and Pops — are hounded by county ordinances meant to curb outrageous grows.

The county got it wrong and we pay the price. Mercer-Fraser's sweetheart deal, brokered, then backtracked, by Supervisor Sundberg is another example.

Madrone approaches cannabis as business, where incentives for good practices elevate the responsible above the abusive ones. ("It's What, Not How, You Grow," March 23, 2017.)

Sound public policy depends on a commitment over the long-term for community health. Madrone's stellar work on behalf of our Mattole salmon is just one of the gifts his firm, practiced hand has given our local economy.

This year Chinook returned to the Mattole in record numbers, the fruit of dedication by Madrone and those who want this county to be the place our grandchildren proudly call "home."

Michael Evenson, Petrolia


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