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As an Arcata property owner and one who uses the Arcata open spaces on a daily basis, a $37 per year parcel tax is a modest amount to fund the city's wonderful parks, trails and open spaces that enhance the local economy, property values and quality of life.

These funds will be used to expand programs that help protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat, protect water quality, provide for parks and recreation including trails, preserve area family farms and provide for open space maintenance and stewardship.

The Arcata City Council authorized and acknowledge the benefits and value of Measure A in Resolution 190-68.

The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the value of Arcata's parks, trails and open spaces.

Please vote yes on Measure A.

Nancy Rehg, Arcata


Thank you to the North Coast Journal for providing a synopsis of the nine measures on the ballot ("Maze of Measures," Oct. 8). Including contrary views where organized opposition exists, which the Journal has done, is important for a fair result. If I may, I'd like to put in a word for passage of Measure H, the Eureka sales tax measure t hat would replace Measure Q passed in 2014. I'm so tight I have trouble tipping my hat, but it's evident the city has a real need for revenue. As a sales tax, out of town shoppers will pay a portion of these monies to help maintain roads, social services and public safety. Vote yes on H.

 John Dillon, Eureka


This is why we should vote YES for Measure F:

1) The Arcata Fire District covers a very large 62-square-mile area and protects 37,000 people in the five communities of McKinleyville, Manila, Bayside, Jacoby Creek and Arcata.

2) Under California law, the Fire District must be funded by property taxes. The district is not allowed to charge sales taxes. So using a sales tax to fund the Fire District is not an option.

3) The district can't pay its bills because it's been 14 years since the last tax increase. I must ask the question; who can afford to pay bills in 2020 with what they earned in 2006?

4) Measure F will enable the district to restore eight firefighter positions and reopen all three fire stations.

Please join me in voting yes for Measure F!

Randy Mendosa, Arcata


A common phrase we hear these days is "we're all in this together," which is pertinent to why we need to support Measure F.

Fire protection and first responder services are essential public safety measures key to a healthy community. The Arcata Fire Protection District has made cogent arguments for why this minimal tax is necessary to bring back, and protect, the level of services needed to meet our community needs, as well as California regulatory obligations. The cost of a few lattes per month should not deter our support.

When we can finally meet and greet at our local coffee shop, let's toast our firefighters and the Arcata Fire Protection District. Vote yes on Measure F.

John Woolley, Manila


I invite you to join me in re-electing Estelle Fennell for Second District supervisor. I am honored that Estelle has chosen to continue to work tirelessly for all of us. It's easy to point fingers, see things in black and white and put on Estelle's shoulders complex problems and issues that go way beyond her scope. There are local, state and federal constraints that she has to negotiate. She serves us with her intelligence, her ability to listen, work as a team with others and her basic good character.

Estelle has fostered amazing contacts on all levels of government and business. This is a crucial time in our community. Let's let Estelle's experience and willingness lead the way. She will have quite the positive legacy to pass on to the next willing candidate. But for now let's give her our support to go as far as she can in serving our district. It is a rare moment that I feel represented by someone I feel a kindred connection ... she is one of us. Let's let her do her job!

Joan Becker, Briceland


Thank you Joellen Clark-Peterson, for being willing to throw your hat into the ring for the McKinleyville Community Services District board's two-year position. 

I watched the the League of Women Voters candidate forum for MCSD candidates and I'm very proud of you! So few young working people are willing to delve into the details of community infrastructure and planning, but you certainly demonstrated being a fast learner on our most important issues. You didn't miss a beat. Your poise, warmth, good sense and genuine eagerness for public service are delightful. You will be a great addition to the other directors who already know the scene but could use a fresh creative perspective to help them think outside the box in these unprecedented times. You're a definite go-getter, networker and community builder. McKinleyville needs you. And I'm telling all my friends to vote for you. 

Again, thanks for being a MCSD candidate. 

Kate McClain, McKinleyville


Three school board candidates, all connected to the same family business, despite their lack of previous involvement in educational oversight, are proposing we simply ignore the coronavirus.

So please vote for the candidates who are truly showing concern for everyone involved in our schools and our county. Candidates who have been actively involved in those schools. Candidates whose professional lives have been spent working with students and teachers. Candidates who have served on the school board, worked with at-risk students, ran a pre-school, regularly attended school board meetings, wrote successful grants and showed up at the public forums. Candidates who are not "one-issue" but instead have put in decades working with students and understanding the needs and wishes of our teachers.

Simply put, please vote for Aristea Saulsbury and Cedric Aaron for NHUSD board members, and Nicholas Som for McKinleyville USD board member. 

Alan Sanborn, Arcata


This week The FBI and Michigan State Police arrested and charged six militia members for conspiring to kidnap and execute Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Rather than denouncing these militant criminals, the president of the United States tweeted that Whitmer has been doing a "terrible job." Instead of humanely calling to ask if she and her family were OK, Trump attacks her by tweeting and calling for the jailing of Biden and Obama.

This is an appalling, escalating trend. In April this year Trump tweeted, "Liberate Michigan." In May, when armed militia members stormed the state capitol, he wrote, "These are very good people." During the presidential debate of Sept. 29, rather than condemning militia hate groups, he urged them to "stand back and stand by."

Republicans, we need you — we need all of us — to speak out and denounce lawless violence.

Peter Jain, Trinidad


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