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After more than 40 years as a deputy district attorney, chief assistant district attorney, criminal and civil litigator, and a partner in one of Eureka's law firms, I have practiced before each and every judge in this county.

Although elected judicial vacancies are rare, I must observe that this time around, we are blessed to choose between two truly highly qualified candidates for this open judgeship.

While both candidates are qualified and capable, I'm voting for Steven Steward for judge. Mr. Steward is honest, fair, hardworking and well balanced. His broad, competent experience, coupled with his calm and steady temperament, makes him the best choice to fairly administer justice as a judge of our court. Steady and steadfast, Steven Steward will be an extraordinary judge.

Michael K. Robinson, Eureka


I endorse and fully support Steven Steward for judge of the Humboldt County Superior Court. In the upcoming primary election on June 7, Humboldt County voters will have an opportunity to vote for Steven. I believe he is the best choice. I have practiced law in Humboldt County for 46 years and therefore have a good idea of what makes a good judge. The qualities that I look for in a judge are real-life experience and experience in the law, impartiality, fairness, compassion and integrity. Steve clearly has these qualities. Steven has more than 12 years of legal experience and has served the past five years as a deputy district attorney, prosecuting the most serious crimes and handling the most complex cases in Humboldt County. He is well respected among lawyers, law enforcement, the local bar and the current bench. He will make an outstanding Judge.  

Zach Zwerdling, Eureka

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