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Please vote for Kimberley White for Arcata City Council. Kimberley has demonstrated in many ways that she would be a valuable member of Arcata's city council.

Kimberley believes in listening to and including ideas from the community as she has demonstrated as a co-coordinator of CUNA (Comunidad Unida Del Norte de Arcata) and in securing a $15,000 grant for the beautification and connectivity for Valley West/North Arcata.

As a member of the Arcata Planning Commission for the past three years, Kimberley has demonstrated that she works well with others, and as a member of the city council she plans to address homelessness and housing insecurity by proposing creative and alternative ways to address our need for housing stock, such as land trusts, subsidized housing, cooperative housing, etc. 

Kimberley White plans to represent everyone in Arcata! 

Please Vote for Kimberley!

Nancy Pelletier, Arcata

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