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Vote yes on Measure M in Arcata.

Let's fly the Earth flag at the top of city-owned flagpoles.

Flags are symbols. Flying the Earth flag at the top is logical. The Earth includes our nation and our state.

Climate change is real. The needs of the Earth come first. We can only have a healthy nation if we have a healthy Earth.

There is a huge excess of nationalism in the world. By focusing on the Earth as a whole, rather than national chest thumping, we can avoid the horrors of war.

Some argue that flying the Earth flag above the U.S. flag is illegal. While flag codes do place the U.S. flag on top, there is no history of enforcement. If challenged, we pledge to defend the measure at minimal cost to the city.

Let's vote our belief in the priority of the Earth. 

Put the Earth on top!

Dave Meserve, Arcata


I'm voting for Meredith Matthews because she is a principled leader who stands up for pedestrian and bicycle safety. This year, Meredith introduced and championed a Complete Streets policy, which ensures that all future decisions regarding Arcata's streets support safe travel for everyone, including people walking, biking and rolling. This will protect people's lives and encourage more people to use healthy, low-carbon forms of transportation, helping Arcata live up to its climate-friendly ambitions. In getting this policy adopted, Meredith has done more to promote safe, healthy streets in her short time on City Council than many elected officials do in a full career. She deserves another term on council.

Colin Fiske, Arcata


I'm voting for Meredith Matthews because she understands that Arcata is experiencing a housing affordability crisis and that we need to act to address it. If the city doesn't build new housing, rents will continue to increase until only the wealthy can afford to live here. Building more housing close to jobs and services will allow our city to grow without sacrificing environmental values or contributing to ugly suburban sprawl. Meredith also supports renter protections to make sure people can afford to stay here. These policies will make Arcata more affordable and allow it to grow in a smart way.

Matt Simmons, Arcata


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