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It has been refreshing to see the positive changes to the vision for our harbor. I have heard for years the same old story regarding shipping out of this port. If it is such a fantastic idea, why haven't shippers been clamoring to ship out of here? Because it doesn't make economic sense.

I'm glad the pulp mill site is being cleaned up and repurposed. The previous owners obviously had no intention of doing so. The Harbor District saw the potential for disaster, got together with the agencies and people who could help solve the problem, acted, and accomplished the cleanup as soon as they could. Good for them. This board deserves to continue its present course. Please re-elect Greg Dale and Patrick Higgins. I'm writing in Aaron Newman. Remember, people throughout the world risk their lives to be able to vote. Most Americans automatically have this option. Use it.

Shirley Bay, Eureka


In an era of political quagmire and hostility, it has been refreshing to watch the five elected Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation commissioners working well together in setting goals for the health and economic enrichment of Humboldt Bay, as well as for the safety and recreational opportunities available to the wide array of people that take advantage of what our bay has to offer.

Pat Higgins is ready to accomplish more in his third term on the Harbor Commission. Since his election in 2007, he has been integral in helping to set the path toward financial balance and security, greater environmental awareness and responsibility, increased recreational opportunities and improved protection of North Coast marine fish populations.

Pat is committed to the health and wise use of Humboldt Bay. Please visit Pat's website to learn more of Pat's accomplishments, professional experience and vision at www.HigginsforHarbor.com, and join me in voting for Pat on Nov. 3.

Linda Doerflinger, McKinleyville


As a former harbor commissioner, I urge a vote for Pat Higgins as harbor commissioner from the 5th District. He has been an effective and valued member of the board of commissioners. In these difficult times, I believe the district needs his ability to understand the technical problems facing the district such as the county-wide economic impacts of harbor developments and the assessment of such matters as the effects of rising coastal levels on the district's jurisdiction. And, I believe his personal vested interests are entirely in support of the economic and environmental health of the harbor to benefit the many harbor users.

Richard L. Ridenhour, McKinleyville


Measure A is not about safety. Arcata Fire Chief Cowan's wish list will cost the fire department another $1.5 million. More crew members would be nice, but according to Cowan it's not a safety factor. Fires represent only 8 percent of the calls. He told me directly that if this 100 percent tax increase doesn't pass, he would still be able to keep the community safe and provide the exact same service we have now.

The fire department receives a percentage of the county's property tax. As the community grows, department income grows. If warranted, the county could increase Cowan's revenue share.

Also, very troubling, the fireman's union is promoting and marketing this new tax. The union is a group that will directly and immediately gain from it passing. Vote no. Encourage the chief to work within his budget or build a better case to the county why the department budget should be increased.

Glen Nagy, Arcata

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