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John Fullerton has been with the city of Eureka for many years. He has an education in business. As a CPA, he has created jobs and has helped others develop their businesses. He has worked with the Eureka City Schools Board, the Eureka Planning Commission (over two years), and the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce, the Humboldt Historical Society, the Sequoia Park Zoo, the Rotary Club. He has volunteered as a CASA advocate and with numerous other organizations.

Mr. Fullerton has demonstrated his ability to make the difficult decisions that are fiscally sound and responsible. Mr. Allison has been in Humboldt County for only four years. He works in health care as a technician and is active with his union. While this is totally respectable, his skill set, his local experience, his proven ability, hardly compare to that of Mr. Fullerton.

Luta RD Belcher, Eureka


In June, Bernie Sanders got 70 percent of Democratic voters in Humboldt to support him! Be Progressive! Vote!

There are thousands of dollars being pumped in right now to defy Measure V, to tell you it will cost the county money; wrong.

Austin Allison, a professional cardiac monitor tech at St Joseph Hospital in Eureka, has worked with the union for livable wages for staff. He has very progressive ideas about helping working people in this community, endorsed by Linda Atkins, by four local unions, by Peter LaVallee, by Mike Wilson, by the Humboldt County DCC, and by the president of the Eureka City Schools Board of Education.

Bernie told us to elect progressive candidates in our communities, and to get big money out of politics! Elect Austin Allison this November; vote 'yes" on measures V and P!

Pat Kanzler, Eureka


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This was never truer than with homelessness, a growing problem that is taking significant funding, time and resources from government and charities alike.

Measure V is that ounce of prevention maintaining affordable housing. Of late, large predatory out-of-area investment corporations have been systematically buying our local mobilehome parks and jacking rents way beyond what residents can afford (something the previous local owners never did), which could well lead to even more homelessness, including seniors on fixed incomes.

San Francisco's newspaper said that over one billion in taxpayer dollars is being proposed to build new affordable subsidized housing to deal with the Bay Area's homeless crisis.

Wouldn't you rather support a no-cost preventive measure now by voting yes on V, than to have your tax dollars pay for a cure down the road?

Richard Salzman, Arcata


At Pastels on the Plaza on Saturday, artist Joan Dunning drew a Yes on V square while I told onlookers about the vulnerability of mobile home owners, who are "captive" renters. Joan doesn't live in a mobile home and neither do I. We both volunteer for Measure V because we recognize that a healthy Humboldt is an affordable Humboldt, with room for people of all income levels.

Measure V crosses political lines. It's supported by people who have run against each other for public office. It's supported by landlords and Realtors, by business owners, by doctors, lawyers, artists and musicians. Republicans and Democrats, Hillary and Bernie fans are all on our list of supporters. Our campaign committee is local and all volunteer. We have no paid spokesman, no paid lobbyist, no paid campaign treasurer. Please visit YesonVHumboldt.org. Join your friends and neighbors voting Yes on V.

Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, Trinidad


As the sitting Auditor-Controller, I urge you to vote no on Measure Q, combining the Auditor-Controller's office with the Treasurer Tax-Collector. An elected department head can resist improper pressures from county management to override our financial controls. Combining these offices would eliminate an important element of fiscal protection.

Our current leadership is not corrupt but auditors know that where controls are weak, fraud is certain to follow. The organizational structure of having two independently elected financial officers has served to prevent major financial improprieties in our county government since its founding.

And please vote yes on Measure R because if some future board could appoint its own financial officer there would be no barrier to management override.

The assertion that this proposal is an efficiency measure is a red herring. This proposal would seriously weaken our current financial controls.

No on Q. Yes on R.

Joe Mellett, Fortuna

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