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Wal-Mart, Soldier Hate-Hate




First I would like to make fellow members of the community who dislike Wal-Mart aware of some more horrendous statistics in regard to Eureka's newest big box store ("Touchdown Wal-Mart, Dec. 15). According to a "labor economist" from U.C. Berkeley, six children or children-in-law of the Walton family (the founders of Wal-Mart) had a net worth equal to the bottom 30 percent of the U.S. population or approximately 92 million U.S. citizens.
Secondly, I felt morally obligated to make it known that you are unlikely to ever hear me express gratitude to the soldiers of any war, especially the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan (Mailbox, Dec. 22). I am perplexed and frightened at how support for U.S. soldiers has become an issue which is not to be questioned, but must be blindly given. While I respect the urge to defend and protect the people, ideas and things which one loves, I do not believe the integrity involved in making such a decision is greater than the atrocities committed in this pursuit. After seeing countless videos and reading numerous articles and books about the indiscriminate, illegal and immoral treatment and murder of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, I must say that soldiers who fought in such wars will never hear a thank you from me. The unfortunate thing is that one can read similar articles for every war we have been in for the last 100 years. The only difference would be the dates and countries involved.

Until we start to question and challenge the current unchallengeable support which must be given to U.S. soldiers , the atrocious wars committed in the name of the U.S. empire will continue to happen. As long as these wars to maintain empire (which are tyrannical, by definition) continue, the fear and hate that they generate toward the United States will continue to build. If saying this is "un-American" or unpatriotic then so be it. Let it be known that I am not proud to be "American" if it means I must support the terrorists who, in my name, bomb, shoot, kill and instill fear in the innocent and peaceful people around the world.

Benjamin Grunbaum, Arcata


Great job educating our community in just a few paragraphs about the importance of resisting the whole Wal-Martization of this jewel of a planet -- of our mother earth. Thank you, Larry Hourany (Mailbox, Dec. 22). Several weeks (months?) ago, I suggested that we just go ahead and let them come. They think if they build it we will all come! And they are right! Waaaaaaaayyyyy to the right. And I really hope we can prove them wrong. We voted against them before and now the vote is going to be with the dollar. Don't give them any. If we don't feed them, they will go.

Is that so hard? OMG look what I "saved?" What a rush, a physiological rush and a high "deal" addiction, spreading like a virus all over the earth. Infecting our children! Hello?
I am sorry to say that I don't think you guys can do it. You will sneak off to participate in the frenzy of selfish greed. Feels damn good to be a preferred, a pampered, a first-class passenger on this flight that can only end in disaster.

Please think of our beautiful and now very fragile earth in all of your activities and purposeful actions. Do they cause harm to yourself or to others or to nature? So I am informed by Larry Hooray! -- that Wal-Mart is guilty of causing harm. And as large a virus that Wal-Mart is it can be stopped if just one community defeats it! Why don't we be that one community. Is it so damn hard to not shop there? HEY WALMART sneak right on in. And then slither right on out of here and take your garbage with you. One by one watch them fall.

Larry, your comment about the textile barons was perfect. It made me think of the coal mine slaves: "Sixteen tons and what do you get/another day older and deeper in debt/ St. Peter don't call me cause I can't go? I owe my soul to the company store! So don't shop there.

Don Robertson, Indianola

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