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Wal-Mart's Chutzpah




I would like to join in with the voices regarding Wal-Mart's secret move into the Bayshore Mall ("Touchdown Wal-Mart," Dec. 15). It takes a lot of chutzpah (and I mean that in the negative sense of the word) for the owners of Wal-Mart (and the others who were instrumental in making this happen) to insinuate the store into a community where clearly the majority is not in favor of its presence. This is yet another instance where the peoples' voice is not being heard in favor of the interests of a large corporation.

Many have already written about how the Wal-Mart presence in Humboldt County will affect small businesses, not to mention how it will affect the already existing big box stores as well as many other aspects of the community. Having Wal-Mart in our midst is not the way to deal with poverty -- by providing minimum wage jobs with little or no benefits and cheap stuff from other countries where the workers are paid even worse, not to mention the ecological consequences. The remedy for our economic ills is to examine the very fabric of our economic system. We need to engage in that discussion as a county, a nation and a world.

What pisses me off the most is that it could be done in secret, so the next question is, what are we going to do about it besides boycott?  Hmmm.

Lynn Kerman, Myrtletown

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