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We Can Drive 55



Hooray for Mitch Trachtenberg's letter regarding lowering the county speed limit to 55 mph (Mailbox, Jan. 2, 2020). This is an excellent suggestion for a simple and easy way to reduce our production of CO2. Yes, there will be some inconvenience, but if we're to deal with climate change, such inconveniences will have to become the new normal, at least.

Mark Chaet, Arcata


Thank you to Mitch Trachtenberg for proposing a simple and egalitarian step toward reducing our carbon footprint. Changing the maximum speed limit asks us all to step up in honor of the Earth, its creatures and our fellow citizens. This idea gives me hope that working together, all of us, we can make a difference.

 Nancy Short, Eureka


Funny how no one talks about how we could simply reduce the amount of global warming pollutants that we use on a daily basis. Mitch Trachtenberg's letter to the editor last week opened my eyes and I'll make my New Year's resolution giving up driving above 55. To think that this simple awareness and action by all of us could powerfully move us toward healing the environment feels significant. We can reduce the power of the petroleum greed monster just by changing one simple behavior. This feels liberating.

Lynn Robbins, Eureka

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