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I would like to congratulate you on your recent article, "Lack of Urgency" (Nov. 18). The article was well written and attempted to provide viewpoints from multiple sides. There is one glaring error in the headline of the article. Your statement, "The new medical tower at St. Joe's will put an end to the area's only urgent care center," is not correct.

Mad River Community Hospital has been providing Urgent Care/Express Care services to Humboldt County for well over a decade. Our Express Care services, which have always been attached to our Emergency Department, are open seven days per week from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., providing care for the patients who need someone to assist them with minor medical needs. Our staff works with children as well as adult patients and the hospital service rates are lower than the Emergency Room visit.

When we hear from patients how grateful they are for the services we provide, when their physician's office is closed, it reinforces our commitment to be the compassionate, high-quality care provider for our community.

Steve Engle, COO, Mad River Community Hospital



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