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We give thanks for Donald Trump


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Who so clearly illustrates both the magnitude and the specificity
Of the work to be done, and for being an acute example of the unexamined life.
We give thanks for corporations that (not who)
influence our elections with their bottomless coffers
for reminding us that democracy is yet an unrealized dream.
We give thanks to nursing home profiteers and their enablers
Who teach us what business without a moral compass looks like.
So, what is to be done?
Make New Year's resolutions that count.
Think bigger than losing weight, gain depth.
Vow to spit evil in the eye.
Vow to protect our elders and to educate our youth.
Share a skill.
Help someone caregive a loved one.
Speak truth to power.
We give thanks for simply making it to this day,
for another shot at making tomorrow better.
Be encouraged: this year is not a hard act to follow.


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