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We’re Drowning




I am writing in response to the article “Cup Runneth Over” (Oct. 22). In this article, the author, Heidi Walters, writes of the business that was lost when the pulp mill closed, and how that will raise the cost of water for the rest of us here in Humboldt.

I am left wondering: What is the county doing to encourage other industry to replace the loss of industrial water customers? Humboldt County has too much water to be used by Humboldt alone, so we should be looking to attract manufacturing businesses to pay for use of our excess water. Have any businesses been contacted, or offered the use of our water? A new manufacturing business would bring jobs into the area, as well as reduce our water costs.

Is someone looking for this, or is Humboldt just waiting for someone else to come and make the offer?

Scraigon Earhart-Stokes, Eureka

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