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What's 35 About?




You did your readers a great service by acquainting those of them unfamiliar with "Project Censored" (Oct. 18) with an important source of news, instead of the usual mass media drivel including the births of two-headed chickens and the latest activities of meaningless celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen.

The Ballot Recommendation Summary (Oct. 18 and page 9) was another important inclusion. Basically just seeing what the Republicans, Chamber of Commerce and Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association are for is good enough for me to be against, and vice versa. However I was interested to see that one ballot measure that appeared to be a no-brainer (Prop. 35 -- Human Trafficking) is opposed by the California Council of Churches. WTF? So, I looked them up online and was surprised to find out that they have actually analyzed this bogus ballot measure critically and concluded it's just another "feel good" piece of legislation that basically makes something that's already illegal "more illegal" without actually doing anything constructive, aside from helping out the prison guards union and privatized prisons by enabling the state to send a lot more low-level pimps and lower-echelon criminals to prison minus any beneficial consequences of actually curbing the problem it's supposed to solve. Of course it's supported by both the Democrats and Republicans, Allah forbid them from saying or doing anything that might be misinterpreted -- such as opposing a law with harsher sentences on human trafficking, because it's obviously such a swell idea no matter how badly flawed the measure actually is and no one really has the time to read any objections to it in between watching the World Series and the latest ET episodes about Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber.

Also, www.ballotpedia.org is a great source of info about ballot measures in California (and many other states).

Keep up the good work!

Roy Henock, Eureka

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