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What's His Name?



Hey, man, how ya doing?

(What's his name?)

Fine, fine.

Was just thinking of one of my favorite reporters.

Yeah, you know, uh, uh,

You know. Little guy.

Ran the local news desk.

We thought he sounded like that Italian TV detective.

You know, uh, you know?

Little guy, with an Italian name.

Played by that actor, uh, you know.

Always wore a trench coat.

Yeah, the reporter sounded just like him.

Yeah, his desk was next to the day editor.

Big guy, from Texas, with a high-pitched voice.

He was married to that great Justice Department reporter.

You know, uh, can't think of her name.

(Who is this guy I'm talking to?

(Pentagon reporter, flew a plane, played mandolin.

(His father was agriculture reporter.)

Hey, good to see you again. Gotta go.

And thanks for the memories.


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