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Where Credit's Due



I really appreciate Jennifer Savage's coverage ("The Hum," Aug. 1) of my Arts Alive! performance at The Works Records in Eureka, and that the story included a great photograph. I deeply and sincerely regret, however, that I neglected to credit the photo.

Not only did Traci Bear Thiele take that great photograph, she invited me to her home, cooked me a scrumptious dinner at a party where I was invited to play through a very nice sound system for a splendid group of friends, and she provided me with a pillow to sit on while I played. She snapped the photo during my set, and a few days later emailed it to me gratis.

How could I have forgotten to credit Traci Bear Thiele for such a generous gift? I am terribly embarrassed to admit that it simply did not occur to me until I saw it in print. I am very sorry to Traci Bear Thiele, the Journal, and its readers for the omission.

John Hardin, Redway

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